marți, 19 februarie 2013

How to grow blueberries

If you search around on different sites for various tips on how to grow blueberries, you should take a couple of minutes in reading this article that aims to explain to you how to care for these plants. As you might know blueberries are very appreciated for their delicious taste. They are also used as ingredients in making different fruit salads and topping some cakes and ice-creams. What you may not know though is that they top the list of the healthiest fruits, too. And they are said to be a real source of antioxidants for us. 

If you live in a house which is provided with a back yard, you can feel free to pick a sunny spot where to cultivate these fruit trees. On the other hand, if you have a small space provided where to grow your plants or if you live in an apartment you should find out that you can still have your blueberries planted. For doing so, you need to choose some containers to fill in with the necessary soil for growing your shrubs indoors. Luckily, these plants are very versatile and they can be easily brought to maturity from seeds or small shrubs if you follow some basic steps in growing them. 

If you want them planted into your garden, you need to take into account blueberries need to be placed in a spot that is exposed to direct sunlight for most of the day. The best way to have the blueberry bushes that go well with the climate area in which you are living is to go to your local nursery. There you can get all the information you need regarding the blueberries seeds or small plants you should choose for your garden as well as the conditions you should provide your blueberry shrubs to live. 

In learning how to grow blueberries it is essential to keep in mind that these small fruit trees require an acid soil. Moreover, if you want to grow these plants on your patio you should provide the container soil with acid fertilizers in order for them to flourish and give you that juicy fruits. In how to grow blueberries, you need also to take into consideration that these plants need to be watered regularly. And when watering them stick to their roots, as watering them from their tops could affect the pollination process. But try not to water them too much and also very important is to ensure an adequate drainage to your blueberry plants, otherwise you may lose them for good.

joi, 4 octombrie 2012

How to grow peas

If you want to know how to grow peas then you have come to the right place because here we are going to teach you how to do this. Many people consider this veggie as being a cool-weather addict. This is totally untrue, if you choose types of plants who need moderate sunlight you can enjoy peas from spring to fall. They are very easy to grow not to mention the fact that they are very healthy and kids love them.

Here is what you need to do to grow peas in your garden: 

·         The first thing you need to do is find an area where you want to plant your peas. The site should have a Ph between 6 and 7 and it should get full sun.
·         Make sure that the soil is well drained peas do not like wet soil. Add some compost to the soil to make it rich. Avoid adding any fertilizer high in nitrogen.
·         Peas need to be planted in raised beds which means that the soil must be light so you can amend it easily.
·         Now you need to choose the type of peas you want to cultivate, you can choose between three types: Chinese, English and snap peas.
·         As soon as you finish preparing the soil start sowing the peas in your garden. You should plant them four weeks before the last frost. Because seeds germinate fast you do not need to spend money on started plants.
·         When you plant them the seeds should be about an inch deep and 3 to 4 inches apart. The distance between the rows should be big because peas take up a lot of space. You should keep a distance of 3 feet between rows.
·         Make sure that you install the support for the peas as soon as they start to surface because they will need something to climb on.
·         Do not forget to water the plant once a week, more if you live in a hot area.
·         Make sure that you feed the plant with compost in the developing stage.

This is how to grow peas in your garden, as you can see it is not so hard and it does not take much of your time. If you are organized and you take care of the plants you will enjoy fresh peas a very long time. Consume veggies that you plant in your garden rather than buying them from the store.